Below you can view real testimonials from K-9 Control Training clients. We work with all dog breeds and all sizes of dogs. We pride ourselves on doing great work and creating lifelong customers by transforming their dogs with high anxiety and other problems. See what some of them have to say below and feel free to search our reviews on Google.

Stacia was a fantastic trainer for my young lab puppy Maggie. She’s smart, knows exactly what to do in every situation we’ve thrown at her, and knows just how hard to push and how to reward my dog. Stacia also made a 2+ hour trip to help when I had training issues down the line. She (and K-9 control) will stick with you for the rest of your dogs life and give the most high quality training and care out there.
Sophia Curcio
Hannah-2 was an excellent trainer. When we dropped our dog off, she told us she would not let our dog fail. And she did not disappoint! Our boy, Boomer, came home a very different dog and he is still doing well. Highly recommend Hannah and K9 Control.
Steve Bifano
So worth the investment! Meeko is a head strong, stubborn Cattle Dog and Ali worked her magic. We wondered if his personality would change being gone 6 weeks but he’s still his rambunctious silly self, but his listening is night and day and ‘place’ has been such a saver when he needs to mellow out or when guests are over. Love that we can loose leash walk him and even allow him off leash and his recall is great. It’s great that they offer followups and monthly group classes to help insure the training sticks and stays around for the long term. Highly recommend
Kate Hartman
Cowboy (Australian Shepherd) went through the program at 9 months old and did amazing. He is such a great dog thanks to Ali and K9 control. K9 has such a great staff. We are so thankful for them and their continued support!
Ashley Doyle
Absolutely the BEST!! I had taken my dog to several other trainers with “mild” success. After a frightening encounter, I decided to try K9 Control. BEST decision I made! Stasia was stern but loving! Gave my dog (and me)the training and tools we needed to be successful. Love the follow up and group classes to reinforce the training! Worth every dollar!! Thanks!!
Amy Funderburk
I was initially hesitant to spend money on dog training. We sent our one year old Dobie to K-9 and I am so thankful we did!! Hannah was amazing and she returned our goofy and stubborn puppy with so many manners and a renewed ability to listen. My mom is not a fan of big dogs but she has let us bring this big goof when we come to visit because she is so well behaved. The follow up has allowed us to maintain the work K9 did. Thank you Hannah!!
Jamie Z
I highly recommend K-9 control!! Ali and the rest of the trainers were incredibly knowledgeable and patient with our 9 month old miniature poodle. After graduating she is quite well behaved and much less anxious. From the initial evaluation to graduation and the follow up group classes we had a seamless experience.
Caroline Kaczor
Deandre and K9 Control are top notch! I highly recommend and would invest in my pet and his training with them again. Thanks to Deandre’s training, our Cockapoo Olliver is still his happy 25lb little self … but now has a lot of freedom. He loves to walk off leash and has amazing recall. He goes to place and waits like a saint while we carry in groceries. And the best part, is he loves doing the commands and getting rewarded.
David M
Highly recommend K9 Control Training for stubborn puppies! Hannah 2.0 was fantastic training my 9 mth old Jack Russell, Willa. She accomplished all the goals I requested and more. She helped Willa be less anxious in public and to listen to my commands so that I’m less anxious about Willa’s safety. Willa absolutely loved her too! Best investment in my puppy’s future!!
Lynn Copeland
Wren is a very valuable asset of K9 training company! She was very professional and smart as well as very helpful! She was kind enough to take pictures several times a week of our dog so that I could feel better about her being gone. Our dog is like a baby to my husband and me, so it was very appreciative of how much time, Energy and effort Wren took to help us! Thank you Wren!!
Byers Newman