Unparalleled Dog Training in Greenville, SC ‌

At K9 Control Training of Greenville, excellence in dog training meets the scenic beauty of the Upstate region. Found in the heart of Greer, SC, our facility offers a warm, inviting space for dogs and owners alike to embark on a transformative training journey. Our team of skilled, compassionate trainers is dedicated to bringing out the best in your furry friend, using proven positive reinforcement techniques tailored to their needs. Whether you have a rambunctious puppy needing basic obedience or a more mature dog with behavioral challenges, our programs cover many training solutions.

With plenty of spacious training areas available, we boast an enriching environment that promotes learning and socialization. Ultimately, our professionals believe a well-trained dog leads to a happier and harmonious life with their human family. Join us today and witness the remarkable bond that forms between you and your canine friend as you embark on this rewarding training experience together.